The 10 Best Beer Brewing Blogs, Websites, and Internet Curiosities

Everybody loves a good beer; some of us even brew our own. You will find countless websites and blogs about beer tasting, giving advice on how to brew your own beer, and informing you about the latest craft beer trends. Let me introduce you to my favourite blogs, websites, and internet curiosities on the subject of beer!

1. Featured stories of the American homebrewersassociation

The American homebrewers association provides top articles for its over 46,000 members. They cover homebrewing instructions, recipes, news, and stories on their website. Would you like to read about your fellow homebrewers? Every week features an interview with a successful homebrewer.

What I like most: the trivia quiz is something to look forward to every Tuesday!

2. The Mad Fermentationist

Michael Tonsmiere’s passion is sour beer and there is a story behind every one he brews. In his blog he describes the brewing process and reviews the taste of his special creations. If you ever plan to brew a sour beer, this blog is certainly a great place to start reading.

What I like most: the “what’s fermenting” section – here you can read what Michael is brewing, fermenting, and drinking at the moment.

3. Brau!Magazin (only available in German)

This online magazine is all about brewing beer. Four times a year you can read about brewing techniques, beer tasting, and European beer events. Test reports about the latest brewing gadgets, reviews of special beer types (have you heard about acorn beer?) and advice for home brewers are also included.

What I like most: the detailed explanation of the most common brewing mistakes published in every issue.

4. Brewrecipedeveloper

There are heaps of recipes for the best beer out there – but did you ever want to try and create your own recipe for your special beer? This website provides free software to help you with grist calculation, mashing, and hop additions. Additionally you will find many brewing tools like a CO2-calculator, and analysis of final alcohol content for each recipe.

What I like most: with this straightforward “help site” even newbies can become recipe creators.

5. Probier (only available in German)

proBIER is not only one of the biggest beer bloggers on Instagram, but is a very successful vlogger too. In his YouTube channel you can find videos about special beers, interviews with craft brewers, and reports on his travels. Have you ever wanted to visit the Barcelona Beer Festival? Well, with proBIER’s videolog you will get a pretty good idea of what goes on there!

What I like most: the “Craft-Bahn-Plan”, a metro map of Vienna with every craft beer pub on it will lead you to the best pubs in the city.

6. The beeroness

Craft beer and food belong together. Jackie from is fascinated by the complex flavors in each craft beer and dedicates her blog to cooking with beer. Readers can find an introduction on how to pair beer and food as well as recipes for sweet and savory dishes using beer as the key ingredient.

What I like most: My mouth is watering when I look at Jackie’s wonderful pictures of her home cooking.

7. Four brewers

Four enthusiastic beer drinkers talk about brewing, tasting, and give reviews in their podcast. They release one episode every week to inform you about beer styles, special beers, craft brewers, and so on. These four guys say that together they have made and drank all the beers – a great achievement!

What I like most: the “Cheap Beer Corner”, where even the worst beers are in the spotlight for 5 minutes.

8. The beerbabe

Carla Jean Lauter started her blog in 2007 to document her many craft beer tastings. On her website you can find reviews about beers brewed in New England, articles about beer brewers and stories about Maine’s craft beer community. Her blog has been around for 10 years and Carla is a real expert in New England’s craft beer scene.

What I like most: the beer reviews are written in a vivid style and the editorial and special pieces are also well worth reading.

9. (only available in German)

Do you want to share your brewing experience? Then the forum of is the right address for you. Over 6000 members are talking about topics like brewing recipes, techniques and the latest brewing equipment here. Do you need any brewing advice? The welcoming homebrewers of can help you with anything.

What I like most: Do you ever wonder how your fellow homebrewing colleagues brew their beer? Look in the “Bebilderte Braudokumentationen” section.

10. Totally beer

This website keeps you up to date about everything going on in the beer business. Do you want to know which brewery has released a new beer type; where to get free recipes or when the next craft beer festival takes place? You will find the answers here. If you are interested in travel destinations for beer lovers, in beer tasting, or simple facts about beer you will find the right at

What I like most: Start learning the language of beer in totallybeer’s section “Beer Terms

Your recommendations

Now you know where I like to read about beer brewing and the latest beer trends. Which blogs do you like to read? Where do you get your brewing advice from? Leave me a comment!

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