5 Ways to Ensure Consistent Soft Drink Quality

Today soft drink producers have implemented comprehensive quality assurance and control programs comprising dimensions such as food & beverage safety, production plant and trade quality to meet extensive market requirements. As part of these programs the physical measurement of the quality parameters °Brix, Sugar Inversion, % Diet and CO₂, and others are performed. The production of soft drinks within the specified limits of these parameters is essential for a consistent product quality and taste.

Common product quality measurements are performed in the laboratory and process environment where their importance is changing. The laboratory measurement is more and more considered a quality assurance measurement and the frequency reduced. This saves time and frees operators for other tasks. As a consequence of this development, the need for real-time process monitoring for continuous quality control in the actual process environment has significantly increased.

Modern production lines have instruments for real-time process monitoring of °Brix, Sugar Inversion, % Diet and CO₂ integrated as a standard (OEM solution). These instruments are usually installed at the blender for monitoring of the product quality but also to control the blending process.

Existing production lines without instrumentation for real-time process monitoring can be retrofitted with online beverage analyzing systems such as the Cobrix 5 from Anton Paar. These systems are typically installed before the filler for final quality control and, if the line capabilities allow, also after the blender.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons of how an online beverage analyzing system ensures consistent product quality and high production efficiency:

1) Quality Control

With an online beverage analyzing system product quality is continuously under control. Production limits are simply specified for each product and when measured values fall outside the acceptable range, the system sends an alert or filler stop signal, letting the responsible team make instant adjusts to syrup, CO₂, water and other levels.

2) Quick Start-up

By monitoring all quality parameters from the very beginning of the production cycle, start-up times are significantly reduced, product changes are much faster and the need for laboratory measurements decreases.

3) Cost Saving

An online beverage analyzer is an instrument that earns as it measures. Out-of-spec production is avoided, syrup yield optimized, requirement for lab measurements reduced – all at lowest operational costs. The investment in a beverage analyzer is typically earned back in less than a year.

4) Easy and versatile integration

An online beverage analyzing system is easily integrated into existing production lines at the filler or blender. Depending on the application requirements, the instrument is installed directly inline or in a bypass. By choosing the right instrument for the production requirements, all beverages and parameters, including Sugar Inversion and Alcohol, are measured with a single instrument.

5) Traceable quality

The Cobrix 5 beverage analyzing system connects via Ethernet to any PC in the organization running Anton Paar’s Davis 5 data acquisition software to visualize and continuously record all process data in real-time. Production starts/stops, out-of-range values, trends, quality data (Cp, Cpk and Quality Index, etc.) can be viewed, downloaded and printed at any time. Brand specific settings, including target values and alarm limits, can be programmed for up to 999 different products. Sophisticated statistical data analysis functions are an integrated part of the software.

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