A visit to “Outstanding Beers” in Bury, Lancashire

Microbreweries, sometimes also referred to as craft breweries, with their characteristic products have been enjoying increased popularity over the past years. Not only in the United Kingdom but in many other regions worldwide there is a noticeable trend away from the mainstream.

High performance on a low production scale

In 2008 four young adventurous and ambitious professionals teamed up and founded “Outstanding Beers”. This microbrewery lives up to its name: Today, it is well known for continuous high-quality products, delivered mainly to pubs and bars in the vicinity. Not only the name is “Outstanding”, but so are the products. Be it IPA, pilsners or stouts, the demand is so high that the kegs are sold as soon as they are filled. The vast majority of the beer is filled into kegs and casks, only a very small amount is transferred to bottles and sold locally at a popular pub.

The beer quality has got to be right

The laboratory at “Outstanding Beers” is small, but neat. Tests for microorganisms, one of the archenemies of beer, are carried out meticulously in the laboratory. The same can be said about the carbon dioxide content. “The amount of carbon dioxide is crucial,” says Alex Lord, one of the four company directors of “Outstanding Beers”. “If the CO2 pressure is too high, the dispense is going to be terrible, and the beer will foam at the point of dispense which means that the customers are losing money because there is too much foam in the glass. This has to be avoided by all means. If the beer is under-carbonated, it will dispense all right, but it will not be met with a lot of enthusiasm by the consumer.” “Outstanding Beers” found a way to ensure that the carbon dioxide content is just right. They purchased a CarboQC At-line beverage carbonation meter by Anton Paar and today can no longer imagine how they ever got along without it. CarboQC’s working principle is based on the Multiple Volume Expansion (MVE) Method.

Small breweries allow for wider flexibility

Among the beer produced by “Outstanding Beers“, beer varieties such as “3.9” 3.9% extra pale, “Red” 4.4%, “Blond” 4.5%, “White” 5%, IPA, stout, Imperial IPA, Pilsner and “Four” 4% can be found. It is no wonder that the amount of beer variety produced changes according to the demand. Seasonal demands can also be accommodated, such as a Halloween beer, combining the well-loved “Outstanding Beers” quality with hints of cinnamon, treacle and ginger.

The affection for beer combined with brewing experience

“You have got to like your job if you spend so many hours in the brewery,” says Alex. Starting with checking incoming mails in the morning to administration duties, brewing, ordering starting materials down to going out and seeing customers, the workdays at “Outstanding Beers” are as colorful as their product range. Enthusiasm and pride in their work as well as clean working environments and diligent monitoring of the entire brewing process have turned this microbrewery into one of the most popular in the Greater Manchester area. The future of “Outstanding Beers” is something to follow up, their development something to look forward to.

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