Beer with Character

In an old mill in Truchtlaching, a small village not far from Munich, in Southern Germany, there is a small brewery that has already made a big name for itself: Camba Bavaria. With over 50 types of beer, the brewery attracts beer lovers from near and far. The brewery was named “Craft Brewer of the Year 2014”.

The dream of producing beer marked the beginning of Camba Bavaria. In this test and demonstration brewery beer has been brewed since 2008. Camba Bavaria operates mainly in the field of special beers and also accompanies new products such as sensors and new plant technology to serial production. The master brewers and beer sommeliers brought a lot of experience to the establishment of the brewery, which made a significant contribution to the success. The portfolio of beers is constantly being expanded by the implementation of new ideas and recipes. These are provided by the 100 employees and 25 master brewers at Camba Bavaria and the plant producer BrauKon. More than half of the master brewers are constantly “on the road” around the world, getting inspired by talking to like-minded people. At Camba Bavaria, beer is seen as a thirst quencher and predominantly as a luxury product. The love of beer, the demands for the highest quality – also in the preference for local raw materials – along with curiosity and the aspiration to walk new paths and try out new recipes – these characteristics result in unique high-quality beers. The fact that the Meininger International Craft Beer Award 2016 was issued to eight beers of Camba Bavaria are testimony to this. Camba Black Shark won Platin and seven beers won Gold – among them Al Camboy’s SCS, Oak Aged Cherry Ale and Camba Dark Side.

The advance of new beer styles

Beer is brewed at Camba Bavaria in Truchtlaching from Monday to Friday in two shifts. However, the current annual output of 5000 hectoliters is not enough to meet the demand for the beer specialties produced by Camba Bavaria. That will change with a second brewing location in Seeon which includes a production site for Camba Bavaria combined with a showroom for BrauKon. The newly built brewery accommodates additional tanks to increase the annual capacity to 12 000 hectoliters – with the option of tripling or quadrupling the capacity in the future which also allows a larger number of beers on offer. There are also plans to set up a company analysis laboratory in Seeon to be able to carry out quality analyses even more thoroughly in the future. Besides this, special attention will be paid to research into different yeast strains.
The increased acceptance for different beer types which can be observed among consumers has led Camba Bavaria to set an ambitious goal to meet the demands of their customers: a new beer every week.

On everyone’s lips

Beer quality cannot be defined in terms of volume produced – and this shapes Camba Bavaria’s approach. Individual beers are created from an immense range of raw materials. The product portfolio ranges from traditional Bavarian wheat beer and fruity Pale Ale to Imperial Stout, which is stored in oak barrels once used for cognac. Tradition and openness for new beer styles can be found at Camba Bavaria – international consumers, too. Young and old alike find their way here. They come to celebrate, meet up for a chat or make new friends. The number of women is also higher than is usual in the craft beer scene. The brewery offers many different activities, from brewery tours to brewing seminars and hobby brewing competitions. These contribute to the high level of brand recognition. Traditional beers such as Camba Hell, Camba Wheat Beer and Bock Beer are brewed according to the “Reinheitsgebot” – the German Beer Purity Law which was first declared in Bavaria in 1516. However, the product range also includes beer types from all around the world, such as porter, stout and different ales. The large portfolio of beers is made possible due to the rich variety of used raw materials. Besides hops, malt and yeast, you will also find cherry aroma and dark chocolate flavor. The portfolio of Camba Bavaria is rounded off by its oak-aged beers. These beers are finished with a period of six to nine months of aging in oak barrels of different origins. Camba Bavaria’s oak-aged beers open a new dimension in beer drinking: Beer becomes highly respectable. The dream of producing beer has clearly become reality at Camba Bavaria. We can look forward to new beer types in the future.

Independence which brings benefits

A good beer requires the right care in its production and product control. Before the brewery purchased an Alex 500, the mash and wort were investigated using a spindle and then the apparent extract value was converted into °Plato. For alcohol determination the samples were sent to external laboratories. By purchasing the alcohol and extract meter Alex 500 from Anton Paar, Camba Bavaria has made a bid for independence.

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