Clean Bitumen Testing with Intelligent Gesture Control

Years before Tom Cruise showed us how it’s done in his epic ‘Minority report’, man-machine interaction through gesture control was the new,
but then unknown, hype among technologies. In recent years it has matured in various areas of our everyday life.
It will also be the future of bitumen testing.

Initially, gesture control may have been purely entertaining when used as a smartphone app or to beat your friend at a Wii tennis match. Now though, it has become a valid security factor in the medical sector (to avoid contamination with germs and bacteria), for drivers in connected car applications (in-vehicle gesture control), and even an invaluable help in some peoples’ professional lives.

Take a lab employee in the asphalt or bitumen industry, for instance. Harsh samples like bitumen have to be handled on a daily basis and have a major impact on the entire work environment – sample on a glove inevitably means sample on everything that is touched with those gloves.
And if this everything happens to be your state-of-the-art measuring instrument’s touchscreen, it won’t be long before you can’t read the results anymore, because the screen has – figuratively – gone black. At this point in your work routine, you used to have two very less than charming options: you could either take off your gloves every time you wanted to touch your screen. Or you could brace yourself with bottles of solvent and wipe that touchscreen clean before every reading.

You can leave your gloves on – bitumen testing made easy

Luckily, a third option has been available for users of density meters for a short time now: gesture control has made its way into asphalt/bitumen analysis labs to facilitate the handling of laboratory touchscreen density meters. In the case of Anton Paar measuring instruments, it comes as a small pad that’s placed on top of the instrument and plugged in to the back of the instrument. Four different commands are carried out depending on the direction of your gestural swipe. You can start and stop the measurement, turn the air pump on or off, or select a measuring method.

Check out this video for a quick demo:

Would you like to upgrade your density meter and enjoy trouble-free bitumen testing?

The beauty of it partly lies in the ease of use facilitating any lab routine,
and partly – you guessed it right – in the spotless and entirely bitumen-free touchscreen.

If you’re interested in testing this new method to keep your screen clear of sample in the future,
read more about it on our website or purchase the gesture control touchpad for bitumen analysis from our webshop.

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