Homebrewing: 4 Ways to Degas your Sample

Your beer deserves to be treated well. Whichever exceptional beer types you are creating, for a high-quality brewing outcome you should carefully monitor your fermentation process. If you degas your sample beforehand, you can lean back and relax with your cold brew afterwards.


One option is that you stir your sample to remove dissolved gases in your liquid sample to perfectly prepare it for your extract measurement. This is probably not the most convenient method; if you have to handle more samples a day it might already make sense to think about a magnetic stirrer that does the job for you.

Using a syringe

An alternative to avoid bubbles in the hose of the measuring device to use a syringe. Simply fill the syringe with your sample and put your finger on top of it. Then pull the piston to create a vacuum. Release your finger to discharge the CO2. Repeat this procedure for at least three times to make sure that no gas is left in the sample. Make sure the syringe is large enough to leave some space for creating the vacuum: Only fill the syringe up to two thirds.


To remove dissolved gases you can also put the sample into an ultrasonic bath for up to 10 minutes. When using this method, as well as the magnetic stirrer, make sure that you cover the sample glass to avoid evaporation of alcohol during the degassing procedure. This might influence your measured result.


One of the most convenient options to degas your sample is to shake it. Close the vessel with your sample, shake it and then open it to release the CO2. Ideally you use a so-called Erlenmeyer flask with a rubber stopper, but you could also use a cleaned PET bottle and release the CO2 by opening the screw plug. Repeat this process to successfully eliminate any gas bubbles in your sample.

If your sample contains particles larger than approximately 1 mm you should additionally filter it before conducting the measurement. Always keep in mind: the better the sample preparation, the more accurate the result will be.

Go digital

The measurement of the beer itself is as easy as the degassing of the sample. For brewing in general, two things are indispensable: A fast, simple and reliable measurement of extract in the wort before fermentation and fermentation control. This way, you can make sure that a brew ends up as the beer you intended to produce. Designed for home brewing in particular, EasyDens, the digital density and extract meter from Anton Paar, deals with these requirements and enhances your brewing quality in the long term. It determines the wort’s extract content, monitors your fermentation process with the help of a daily measurement of apparent extract, and gives you the information you need to decide when it’s time for bottling. The instrument is easily linked to an app on your phone which automatically displays the measured data. Simply installed, accurate, quick and requiring only a few milliliters of sample per measurement: With EasyDens, home brewers will save a lot of time and energy for the parts of brewing they really enjoy.


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