“Society of Rheology” Annual Meeting: Send in Your Ideas and Win a Powder Rheometer

The rheology trade conference is a chance for Society members as well as non-members to attend 3 to 4 days of interesting talks, fruitful discussions and (introductory) product presentations by leading rheometer manufacturers. So naturally, we and our MCR rheometers are an integral part of the show this year in Baltimore (Inner Harbor, October 11 to 15, 2015).

This conference is the most important opportunity for us to present new developments, participate in experts’ exchanges and to get an update on the latest findings and research results in the field of rheology. As a member of the Society, we promote and support the work of universities and researchers, since we benefit from their work because we can adjust our instruments and future developments accordingly.

Prize-winning rheology

In the spirit of the meeting, Anton Paar would like to contribute to the members by offering a prize: a brand-new powder rheometer.

Introduced this May at CHoPS, the conference for conveying and handling of particulate solids, our new Powder Cell for MCR rheometers, has already garnered much attention. Being much more than an “accessory”, the Powder Cell converts every rheometer of the MCR series into a fully functional powder rheometer. This system for the first time enables the transfer of all common rheological measuring methods to powder applications.

We are offering this prize for a competition of ideas related to the question “How would you use a powder rheometer?”. The best, most creative and interesting application case will be announced live during the poster session on the conference, on October 14, 2015, from 6:05pm to 8pm (in the Atrium/Harborview of the Hyatt Regency). Anyone can participate by filling out the form accordingly and either mailing it to info.us@anton-paar.com, sending it to Anton Paar USA, 10215 Timber Ridge Drive, Ashland VA 23005 USA or entering it directly at Anton Paar’s booth at the SOR meeting.

We are excited about the results and look forward to many entered forms. With this prize, we want to give something back to the Society and its members and to further promote the research and development in the field of (powder) rheology. That’s what our instruments are about – the user of today and tomorrow, in the spirit of our slogan: MCR. Your future-proof rheometer.

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