The Success Built from Steam® Beer

When you enter Anchor Brewing Co. for the first time and look around you, the first thoughts that come to mind are history, tradition and perfection. The years and years of constant hard work are successfully reflected in the high quality of their products that consequently facilitated last year’s production of 160,000 barrels and positively impacted their worldwide recognition as well.

Take a look at the video presenting Anchor Brewing Co. – an Anton Paar Customer Success Story:

Over 150 Years of History

The origins of Anchor Brewing Co. date back to the California gold rush era. In 1849, when the German brewer Gottlieb Brekle arrived in California, purchased an old beer and billiards saloon, then soon turned it into the American Brewery. Twenty five years later, the American Brewery was bought by German brewer Ernst F. Baruth and his son-in-law, Otto Schinkel Jr., who renamed it Anchor.

Anchor Steam® Beer and Measuring Quality and Consistency

From the beginning of its days, the uniqueness of Anchor Brewing Co. is their Steam® Beer process, a trademark acquired during the 19th century. Steam® Beer is “open fermentation, warmer fermentation temperatures for lager yeast… and involves natural carbonation,” says Kyle Simon, Chemist at Anchor Brewing Co. The success of Anchor Brewing Co. is not just about producing, packaging and distributing their signature beer, but also about the quality and consistency of their products.

For an in-depth description of the traditional beer brewing process, head over to our easy to follow infographic.

Anchor Brewing Co. worked with various companies that said to help measure the consistency and quality of beer, but out of all of them they decided to choose Anton Paar. Soon, they realized that choosing Anton Paar as a partner gave them the power to control their measurements and processes since “users had no influence over the measurements,” Andrea de Vries, QA Supervisor at Anchor Brewing Co., noted. With all their success, Anchor Brewing still found time to open a distillery as well. The Alcolyzer Beer ME gave them the ability to perform all tests in house, extinguishing the need to take samples out of their laboratory for testing. For over 4 years, a great partnership has been built between Anchor Brewing Co. and Anton Paar and Simon assures this by stating, “Last year, Anchor Brewing produced 160,000 barrels, we shipped to all 50 states and 17 countries around the world, and Anton Paar figured prominently in our ability to do that through brewing, fermenting, filtering and packaging…”

Powerful information for the future of beer

Since using Anton Paar instruments, Anchor Brewing Co. is able to take the information collected in different ways to keep track of their beer’s quality and consistency. As Simon says, “We can not only look at our beer at the moment but we can look at it overtime, deduce trends, and deduce the information as a powerful tool when deciding how we change our processes in the future or how we come up with new beers. We use Anton Paar products every day!”

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